Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Bit of Heaven on Earth

Wish I'd Done That: Make friends with the people at the appliance store. You need a contact there! Nothing beats a winter day like making a fort/playhouse/whatever out of a giant refrigerator box. Paint, markers or nothing at all. Kids will have a ball, and when it's all broken up, put it out in the trash!

I've just returned from my little bit of Heaven. (I use this term loosely!) Ace gave me a gift certificate to a spa in Tulsa for a facial.
Oh, my.
Never should have done that, Ace.
Now, I feel the NEED!
A relaxing hour of oils and lotions, massage, WARM TOWELS, even a foot rub! Afterwards, a steam shower and more lotions.
Wow. A girl could get used to this......
Thanks, Ace.
I love you!
(It's Marilyn Ihloff Salon, if you want to try it too!)

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