Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Girl's Weekend #2

Wish I'd Done That: For each holiday, main ones and obscure, involve your little ones in the decorating and preparations. It makes them feel needed, and through crafts or just markers you can inspire creativity. For the upcoming Valentine's Day, have your kids make homemade valentines from doilies, lace, construction paper and sequins. Use safety scissors to let them cut out hearts and so on. Go crazy!

My sister Jana has moved to Pampa, TX. Mom, Sharla and I have invited ourselves down for another girl's weekend. Last year's event was at my house, but this year, it's just the "old girls". After LA graduates in June, I'd like to gather all the girls at our house again.

Jana has plans for us to antique, go to a tea room, and shop. We're heading over to Amarillo for a day, and I think there's mention of a movie or two.

I'm so excited. I told my sisters and Mom that we will make plans for the next gathering each time we meet. If we don't, it will never happen.

I cherish my sisters; I wish I lived closer to them. I miss Mom every day......

Praise God for families who love you anyway, no matter how weird you are.(Yes, I know this is terrible grammar, but still!)

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