Monday, September 8, 2008

Dinner Talk

Wish I'd Done That: When your kids are old enough to carry on a conversation, make up different questions and place them in a container. Every night, draw one out, and discuss it during dinner. Some examples: If you could ask God one question, what would it be? Describe your day in three words. What is your favorite book? Name someplace you would like to visit. If you could add one room onto our house, what would it be?

This encourages everyone to speak to a group, and this definately draws family together!

Speaking of speaking......This is my family - Mom in the center, me on the left and two sisters. My poor brother had to contend with 3 sisters. We were all chatterboxes, and so he never had a chance to say anything. The idea of having conversation starters in my family is a real joke! My sister next to me in the picture always had some dramatic tale, and my youngest sis, on the right, usually had an athletic exploit to share.

If you have some quiet ones, or teenagers who refuse to talk, keep trying. Rick eventually got a word in edgewise, and we girls finally got smart enough to listen to what he had to say. Now he's got 2 girls: one is 14, the other almost 12. (I wonder if he gets to talk at the dinner table?)

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