Tuesday, September 2, 2008

He said What?!?!

Wish I'd Done That - When your kids reach a milestone, say something cute, or you just want to record what happened, don't bother dragging out the journal. You won't do it; you just don't have that kind of time. (You won't remember it later, trust me.) Grab a pen and scribble it down on the calendar hanging in your kitchen. Make sure the boxes on your calendar are large, and you'll have a space to quickly jot down the info. Keep your calendars, and you'll have a wonderful record of family events.

Speaking of remembering stuff kids say....

Guess which one is mine....

When our second kid learned to talk, it was the beginning of the real fun and games at our house. He said the funniest stuff. Our daughter complained at dinner one night that the neighborhood boys wouldn't let her play with them - just because she was a girl. (There weren't very many girls in the neighborhood)

The kids' dad was trying to explain to Son that he was responsible for making sure his friends included his sister in their fun. Dad told him to let her play with them.

"I don't have control over all the boys in the neighborhood, but I do have control over one of them."

Our son replied, "Who's that, Dad?"

He really didn't know. At age 7, he was curious to see who Dad controlled in the neighborhood. We laughed and went on. I ask you, what would you say to that?

Oh, well. I struggle.

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