Thursday, September 18, 2008

University of Tulsa

Wish I'd Done That: For you SAHM, organize a babysitting co-op. We did in our neighborhood, and it was a great success. Kids made new friends, moms could run errands or go out to lunch, and no one was taken advantage of. There are many websites to help you set one up, but here's one to try: You'll find other moms at church, pre-school, or your neighborhood. We formed one in our neighborhood, and it served us well until all the kids went to school. Try it, you'll see!

Only 2 days until the University of Tulsa unveils its new stadium. Since last year, the old one has undergone a $26 million overhaul and remodel. It looks really great, and I'm excited to see the Hurricane play at home for the first time this year.

Ace & I are huge fans of college football, and TU in particular. We love the tailgating, the bands, the friends, the kids.
Here, Ace is showing his Hurricane spirit while on vacation in Colorado. The TU alumni magazine put this in an issue last year.
Last year, TU had the highest total offensive year average in the nation. They pass a lot and score lots of points. We went to a bowl game and did really well. Mark & I have followed them to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl and to Ft. Worth, for their bowl. We are off to Dallas in October to see the TU/SMU game.

Are you a football fan?

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