Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sales & Friends

Wish I'd Done That: When the baby goes down for his morning nap, make a run through the house and do a quick pick up. I was amazed at how much better I felt after I did this. I couldn't get it all, but I'd made a dent. Even if you don't get back to all of it, you can sit down and see that you've accomplished something for the day!

When you go garage saleing (is that even a word?!) with a couple of professional-type salers, watch out. Such was the result this weekend when off I went with two friends to try to find.......I'm not sure what! We had a great time, and found such bargains as:

I'm not sure what you call this guy, but he said all the things the "perfect" husband would say: "Yes, dear, I'm taking the garbage out now", "You look marvelous in that dress" and "You are so special". Dot paid a $1 for him, and he'll find a new home as a gift at a future Christmas exchange, or even a prize in a cooking contest. See this girl above and the one on the right below? That's "Dot". She's the artist who does the calligraphy on our website She's very talented, but she's also a madcap sale-goer.

Here are my compatriots with a trunk load of treasures. You can't tell by looking, but these two kooks are "professionals" . I'm surprised they are allowed to roam free here in our 'ville. I wish I could give you a rundown of all the goodies in here, but suffice to say we had fun and didn't laugh a bit. (I didn't know so many people smoked in this town)

I'm thankful for these two birds. They are dear and weird and my sisters in Christ. Thanks for bringing the rookie along on your excursion, girls. (They paid me extra to call them girls.......)

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