Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Game Day

Wish I'd Done That: Rotate your toys periodically. You have less toys out, which means less mess and less picking up! Of course, if you follow the last post's advice, the kids are doing all the picking up anyway....About every month, go through the toys and put some away. When you bring them out, magic: new toys!

For the first home game, Ace and Dan were having some great fried chicken. We got in the middle of someone else's tailgate, which made it interesting. A fun game atmosphere.Here's Ace in front of the new scoreboard at TU. The old one was circa 1970....while we were students there. Needless to say, TU needed a new one!

The Hurricane wore "throwback" uniforms for the first game in the renovated stadium. TU has a high-powered offense, and they didn't disappoint: 6 touchdowns and we never punted! Really a fun game, and with noise bouncing off the new pressbox - REALLY LOUD!!!

After a convincing win over New Mexico State, we fly our Hurricane colors proudly.

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