Thursday, October 2, 2008

Clergy Appreciation

Wish I'd Done That: When your kids are young, find yourself a good Mother's Day Out program. Lots of churches have them and they are available at day care centers, too. Give yourself one day to go to lunch, read, run errands, or take a nap! It's money well spent....

Clergy Appreciation Month
Did you know October is Clergy Appreciation Month? It's a great time to thank your pastor(s); let them know you appreciate their efforts. Send them a note; better yet, send them a gift. This painting Laura did for her husband, Bill, is the October special on Many pastors are fishermen, and all of us are to be "Fishers of Men"

Our pastor is just about perfect. He's been at our church for many years; you'd think we'd know his faults, but really, he's just a wonderful shepherd to his flock. I admire his leadership, wisdom and grace under hard conditions. I pray God will bless him and his wife and family as their ministry continues at our church.
What a great guy! He's a missionary kid who grew up in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), and played soccer at Baylor. What's not to love? Thanks, so much, Paul for loving us and leading us. I pray God's mercies on you, Carol and the kids.
Lest anyone think I'm getting too sentimental........Love you, Paul and Carol!

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