Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friendly Thinking

I'm thankful for all my friends. Those who challenge me, make me laugh, support me and love me. A few years ago, I felt lonely for the type of friendship that Christian women have: support, care, concern and love. God brought several new women into my life as a result of that prayer.
He's given me so many over the years, but in our town, due to the major employer, people tend to move in and out, so many of my great friends have moved away.
With all really good friends, tho, time and distance make no difference. My friend, Robyn, and I could go without talking for years, and still pick right up where we left off. She is the greatest at showing me how to reach out to everyone, to challenge me to do the same. By nature, I'm the type to be lazy in friendship; she shows me how to keep at it, to always pay attention.
I so regret my laziness. I always think of great stuff, but don't always carry through with things. Why is that? I'm not sure, but it's definitely a character flaw.
All that to say:
Thanks, friends, for loving me in spite of my faults, for challenging me to be faithful and do the right thing, and for making me think. Sometimes, that's hardest of all.
God shows His love through His people. Friendship with a Christian sister is different than a friendship with a non-believer. We should have these friendships, because it spreads the Gospel of Christ, but those relationships with Christian sisters have the Holy Spirit in common, and oh, He makes all the difference. You've got an altogether deeper connection going on than with someone without Christ.
Pray for your friends. Be one. Reach out today to make another. He expects us to be His hands.

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