Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jana's Going South!!

Wish I'd Done That: I know it's tempting to let fussy sleepers into your bed, but fight the urge! It's easy to get started, and terribly hard to break that habit. Instead, for the toddlers, make a pallet on the floor next to your bed. Gradually, move the pallet away from the bed, towards the door. Then, it goes down the hall, ever closer to the child's room. Pretty soon, your little darling will be at home in their own room, and not in your bed!

One of my sisters is moving to Texas! I can't believe it, but it's true. Her husband has taken a job down there; they are moving November 1st. (She's the one on the far right)

She's lived in our home town, or very close to it, all her adult life. The small town is a great Western Kansas town of close-knit families, and long-time friends. Jana grew up there, raised her girls there, and didn't expect to ever leave it.

I know she is looking forward to this new adventure, but at the same time, she hates to leave our family behind. My brother and mom live there too, and they all see each other, get together and go to church together. It's been so wonderful for them.

Since I've never gotten to live close by the family, I know Jana's future feelings will be those of feeling sad at missing the milestones of my brother's girls, not seeing Mom whenever she feels like it, and not knowing the total history of everyone she meets.

Mullinville is a great town of community pride and taking care of one another. I'm sure the Pampa folks will welcome them, but it will be awhile before she's as comfortable there as she is now.

So, off on the great adventure, Jana. You'll be the only K-Stater for miles around, so you must "represent"!

The home folks will miss you, but we're already planning a January visit for sister-time.

Pray for Jana and Bart as they leave their home and head south.

Welcome them down in Pampa - she's my sis, after all, and I'd like to know she's being taken care of....

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