Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wigging Out!

Wish I'd Done That: When your kids want to try Every activity and club in the universe, DON'T! I know you want them to experience everything, but it's really important for kids to have time to read, play, create and pretend. If they are hurrying off to Scouts, soccer, dance and church activities every day, when will they relax and be unscheduled? I learned to let the kids have one activity at a time, and we were all much happier.

Sharon has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I can hardly type that. Unbelievable.....Anyway, she's had 2 lumpectomies, and is going to start chemo soon to get that one last bad boy cell out of there....

So, a trip to the wig shop was in order! None of us had ever been to a wig shop, but Sharon's mom had a friend with a shop in Tulsa.

5 of us headed down to see what that was all about. We had a rough start, 'cause who wants to think about losing hair? (especially if it's as gorgeous as Sharon's)
Anyway, we trouped in there like a bunch of dopes, grabbed some heads of hair, and headed back to try some on.

We weren't going to let Sharon do this alone. We all tried on samples, with varying results. I'll let you be the judge...

These two look like sisters in the 'hood!

A blonde?!!


Love it!

Shirley Temple lives!

She got this one - gorgeous! We did remove the tag.....
We all got one!

Love you, friends....

Remember: Pray for the election and our country!

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