Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rotato Express

Wish I'd Done That: Have a craft box available for your kids. Include the usual, but also add felt, glitter (don't laugh) old magazines, foam sheets, fabric scraps. Create an area that is easy-to-clean (or just relax and clean it up when the kids are done...), and let them at it. It's important to encourage that creativity, and it keeps them busy for quite a while!

I love to cook. I don't, however, love to peel potatoes. When my kids were at home, they consumed large amounts of said potato. Since I love my progeny (good word, huh?) I would break down and peel away.
Every summer for 10 years or so, I've gone to Falls Creek, a Baptist youth encampment. I have cooked for 60 - 100 people, 3 meals a day for 6 days. It's quite an undertaking, but I've always enjoyed it so much.
Once during that week, we would serve baked turkey and all the trimmings. This includes LOTS of mashed potatoes. That takes lots of time, but we did it, because nothing is like homemade.
One summer, my friend Kendra brought her Rotato Express for peeling potatoes. I must admit, I laughed to myself. How would it work, and is she crazy?
Well........It worked so well, we had kids vying to operate the crazy thing. It makes quick work of something messy, and your kids might actually want to operate it. Even your husband...
Rotato Express

We found out last year, that if we washed the potatoes first, we could use the peel for a super snack of fried potato skins. Serve them with seasoned salt, and ranch dip and your family or guests will think you are all that!
They are only $20, and Thanksgiving is coming. Google "rotato express" and it will come up.
Just trying to help; you know me!

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