Monday, October 13, 2008

Golf Course?

Wish I'd Done That: Make long car trips more fun by allowing your kids to tell stories. Give them three dissimilar objects: i.e. a blue cat, a sleepy mommy and an old red shoe. They must use all the items in the story. It's amazing how creative they will be. However, I want to caution you: this may be a dangerous beginning of wild stories that never end. My oldest, told unbelievable tales that boggled the mind. On the other hand, my son always killed off the protagonist in short order. He did use all the objects in his stories, though. I'm not sure what all that means......

Speaking of being creative.....

While Ace was interviewing for his job here some 30 or so years ago, I came along to see what this place was like. After his discussion with the potential boss, said boss gave us a tour of the 'ville to show us what was available in housing. We wanted to get a feel of the place, so to speak.

We drove by parks, golf courses, housing additions, shopping centers, etc. We were driving along, and I saw an open field-type place, with trees and flowers. I said, "Oh, is this another golf course?" Ace turned around and looked at me like I was a crazy person. (The wife must sit in the back; that's my excuse...the view was bad from there)

His boss-to-be said, no, this is a cemetery!

I wanted to die!~(oops, that was an unintended pun, there...!)

I kept my mouth shut for the rest of the tour.

Not to worry, tho, Ace got the job, in spite of his loving, demented wife.

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