Monday, October 20, 2008

TU in Top 25!

Wish I'd Done That: I've learned something recently: not everyone makes lists! I'm shocked. I thought this was a universal way of life.....Without a list, I'd be lost - what do I do next, when do I go where?, etc. Make a list of your main objectives for the week. Try this for a month; you might be surprised that you not only are more at ease, but that you get more done. When you have little ones, time is at a premium, so make a list!

Golden Hurricane

As you know, Ace and I are fans of the University of Tulsa. We support their academics and their athletics. Our oldest is an alum, now, too, and so we've spent lots of time there.

Nothing recently has been as exciting as these last few weeks at TU. We've been to the home games, and even followed them to Dallas for the SMU game.

To be an athlete at TU, you must meet certain academic requirements, and while not as exhaustive as those the regular students face, the athletes there are generally great kids who value the opportunity to receive a great education from a top 100 university.

We put up lots of points. In strictly a point-per-dollar deal, a ticket to a TU game will give you a lot of entertainment.

Saturday, TU played UTEP in what might have been a close contest. It was for a quarter: tied at 28 all after the 1st period. Lots of points, and not much defense. After that, TU's defense stood up and the offense went crazy.

My favorite player, Brennan Marion (the Milkman, because he always delivers!), had 150 yards and two touchdowns in the first quarter. He finished the game (without playing the last quarter) with over 250 yards.

If you like college football, turn on ESPN Sunday night, Oct. 26th at 7 p.m. to watch TU play Central Florida. It won't be anything, if not a scoring extravaganza.....

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