Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Retail Theraphy

Wish I'd Done That: Set up a station by the back door (or in your garage) with bins for each one of your little darlings. (Maybe include your husband, too) Drop in backpacks, shoes, papers, coats, etc. You will know where the homework is and where it should go when finished. It might help with the early morning rush out the door.

Today, after a morning of training newbies at the Taster home, I headed south for some early Christmas shopping.
Now, don't hate me, but I had an idea, and when I get an idea for Ace, I've got to act on it, or I'll forget.
I will be hard-pressed to better last year's gift: a remote starter for the Chevy pickup. Ace has really enjoyed it; nothing is better on a cold morning than getting in a warm truck.

However, I think I've got a good candidate, but I had help from my grad school kid up north. I got it on Ebay: gosh, I'm such a techie...

Anyway, while shopping, I did manage to come up with a few things for myself, too. I'm not really a marathon shopper, but once in a while, it's great fun.

For the kids, tho, I've not started. Kids in college like gift cards to coffee houses, bookstores and restaurants.

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