Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Wish I'd Done That: Don't volunteer too much while your kids are small. I know you like to get out among people, and you do need to volunteer, but just be conscious of how much you're away from your family. Trust me, when your kids are gone, you'll have lots of time to donate!

I had surgery recently, and was out of circulation (so to speak) for 6 weeks. Growing up in a small Kansas town, I learned from an early age to care for one another and to pay attention to those who needed help. So I notice when people care for one another.....
During my "confinement" my church family rallied around me and cared for me in such lovely ways. It wasn't just my close friends in church, either. Those who are my friends, but I don't talk to all the time. You know what I'm saying...
God blessed me and humbled me and reminded me that little things do matter
Take the time to email someone who's hurting; call your friend who's in crisis; take a meal, pay a visit, send a card.
I always think of lots of ways to help, but don't always do what I think. I let the business of life get in my way.
DO IT! Those little things really do make a difference. While I felt so bad, I knew many were praying for me and thinking of me.
So thanks, friends, for the prayers, meals, cards and calls. I really do appreciate your kindnesses.

"Bear one another's burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ" Galations 6:3

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Marcy said...

Good Morning Terri! Love your blog! Have a Great Day!