Saturday, January 31, 2009

48 Days and Counting

Wish I'd Done That: If your little ones are fans of a certain TV show, incorporate events on the show into your lives. For example, when LA and AA were little, Sesame Street had a wedding. I invited some neighbors over, and we had a wedding cake, mints and punch while the kids watched the show. My kids didn't watch much TV, but I wanted to make it more interactive when they did.

Since we've been attacked by ice this week, I thought it would be fun to LOOK AHEAD!

Spring is in 48 days - yea!

However, with spring comes many chores: weeding, mowing, sweeping, raking, watering, weeding, potting, weeding, etc....

So, while I don't like ice, there are many advantages to this season.

I thank God for a warm fire, a great book and no particular place to go!

Hey, also, I've gotten on Facebook. It's really fun, so come join me. Lots of techno going on here....

Next week: healthy recipes.

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mary said...

I heard the dear 'ol ground hog saw his shadow today. Is there really six more weeks of winter? Mary