Saturday, January 10, 2009

Restaurant List

Wish I'd Done That: Let your little ones experience failure. I know, that's hard. It will help them in the long run. Don't always let them win at Candy Land. It will be easier later on for your kids to know that we can't always be number 1: sometimes, others will be better at something. It's tempting to go before our kids and make things easy for them, but it's great for them to learn to work things out.

Tulsa Eats
1. Big Al's - 15th and Harvard - health food, but great!
2. Hideaway Pizza - several locations - great pizza
3. Bill's Jumbo Burgers - east Admiral - a dive, but close to TU: greasy burger mecca
4. Sonoma - Brookside - great pizza, salad and more
5. Brook - Brookside - comfort food, great breakfasts
6. Charleston's - 2 locations - love the croissants!
7. McNellie's - downtown - sweet potato fries!
8. Queenies - Utica Square - desserts, and a super grilled cheese
9. TiOmo's - 2 places - great Italian, ambiance is cool
10. Wild Fork - MY VERY FAVORITE! Love everything there, especially the jalapeno cole slaw.
Tell me your favs in Tulsa. I need to try some new stuff. It's not hard to sign up to comment here. Do it!

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