Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Agony and Ecstasy

Wish I'd Done That: For a great cold-weather activity, my friend Priscilla says to wait for a REALLY cold day - 0 degrees or below. Get a glass of water, go outside and throw the water into the air. She says the water crackles and freezes. Try it! Your kids will love it. Just stand them at the back door - you won't even have to get them all bundled up!
I hope you all remember last week's big TU football bowl game win over then-ranked Ball State, because today, I must report on a sad loss.
TU hadn't beaten Memphis, a conference foe, in 7 tries. Last night, we played them at home on ESPN2. We were behind the entire game, but in spite of some bad luck, missed calls and 22 turnovers, we had a chance to win.
Our best guy, Ben Uzoh, went to the free throw line with 4.5 seconds left. He shot 2, made both, and TU went ahead.
Memphis took the ball down and shot over our 7 foot Jamaican dream, Jerome Jordan, and the ball went in as the buzzer sounded.
So sad! Memphis hadn't lost a conference game in forever (44 wins in a row), and we thought we finally had them.
Oh, well!
Very exciting, but disappointing.
Ace & I have season tickets in the same seats as last year. I'm going to have to move next year, because we've got some doozies who sit behind us. They have nothing but negative things to say about our kids - I don't know why they come.
As a parent of an athlete, I know how deeply these kids want to win; they are trying their hardest to do their best. Sometimes, that doesn't happen. I'm so tempted to ask these so-called "fans" if they've ever played a college basketball game, or any sport, for that matter.
It's a great lesson for me to always be positive: someone is always listening!

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