Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Days

Wish I'd Done That: Despite what my friend, Sharon, would say, snow and ice days are great for being lazy, playing games, staying in pajamas all day, and just general horsing around. Kids need to see you take a load off, relax and have fun. It won't kill you to miss a day of "perfection"!

In spite of the previous advice, (I like to contradict myself) I've used today's ice storm to clean closets. I know; I REALLY hate to do this. You can tell, because I've got church dresses from 1991 still in my closet.....
Anyway, the hall closet was first, and the BEST. Because in it I found those large pictures we had taken of the kids at Sears, Wal-Mart, etc. when they were very small. LA as a baby, AA as a gun-totin' cowboy - you get the idea.
I found a studio picture I'd forgotten about. One of my whole family. I was pregnant with AA - I guess it was Thanksgiving, 1986. Jana's girls and LA were wearing dresses my mom had made them. Just darling little things.
My dad was healthy and smiling between my brother Rick and Jana's husband, Bart.
If only I had known how fleeting a time; how precious that picture.
Dad began to exhibit slight Alzheimer moments in the next few years, and those days passed in a flash.
Cuddle close; and remember: enjoy today!
(If I ever get a really big scanner, and post that picture!)

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marray said...


I love you insight on life and how fleeting time is. I am going to try to enjoy today and just "hang out." By the way, did you get picked to be on the jury?