Friday, January 16, 2009

Love Life

Wish I'd Done That: As you are gathering all that stuff to take to Goodwill, put some of the stuff on the kitchen table and let them be creative. Use the old paper napkins, leftover craft feathers and other project "orphans" and let the kids go crazy. Good for their creative skills, and it's less you've got to haul away. Display their creations for a week, then out they go, too!

I Love My Life
1. All my needs are met
2. Personal freedom
3. Freedom to worship
4. Great family
5. Great friends
6. Great church family
7. Fairly close to my extended family
8. Kids are healthy, happy
9. Husband healthy, happy
10. My Redeemer loves me!

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marray said...


I love all your blessing list. So true! I came away a little sad though, no one has commented in a while.....UNTIL NOW!! love you freind. mary