Monday, January 26, 2009

Jury Duty

Wish I'd Done That: When LA and AA were little, when they or one of their friends got the measles or chicken pox, I made a cake. We decorated it together - red hots for the spots, a red Twizzler in a frown, M & M's for eyes. We had lots of fun, and the sick one always had a smile!

I'm off to perform my civic duty. In the middle of the coming ice storm, I'm going to serve my jury duty. I hope I can serve this week, and finish my term.
I'll be anxious to give you all the scoop - when we're done!

I've already been sent home! Really, Judge, I didn't mean it!
I never got to say a word; they just pulled and my name and sent me away. (I do have to return next week, tho.....)

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