Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Growing Things

Wish I'd Done That: Ace and I always measured our kids on their birthdays. We had a really cute growth chart with Scripture that we put on the back of the kids' bathroom door. When they got taller, we moved the measurements to the kitchen door frame. If we ever move from this place, I'm taking the door trim with me!

For Christmas, one of my favorites is this herb garden. LA knows how I love to use fresh herbs, so she gave me this:

The set included seeds for: lemon basil (yum!), Italian parsley and marjoram. I'm excited to watch the herbs grow. It's so cold and brown outside, it's great to have something green and growing on the inside.

The real challenge will be keeping them alive until harvest time. I'll post periodic pics to see how things are growing.

Thanks, kid!

Remember to pray for our country and our new president. He will needs the prayers of God's people.

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