Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Wish I'd Done That: In honor of 2009: give yourself a break! Relax! Don't worry about - taxes, the economy, getting into Harvard, what's for dinner, etc. Just enjoy the day. You've put away Christmas decorations, and straightened up the house. Isn't that enough? Play games, and have a ball!

Things to Do in 2009
1. Treasure each day. God has given me this day, take advantage of my opportunity!
2. Pay attention to my family: husband, kids, siblings, parents. Consider my chance to make their day a special one.
3. Love my friends. God has blessed me with some great ones.
4. Employ random acts of kindness. Let the impatient one in line behind me go first. Let the nice lady in line behind me go first. Go to a playground and sprinkle a roll of nickles under the play stuff-kids love that. Give someone an anonymous present.
5. Make God's Word and time with Him my priority.
6. Love my pastor and his family. Show them I love them.
7. Tell others how to know Christ.
8. Disciple my Sunday School class to love the Word.
9. Read lots of books.
10. Get healthy.

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