Monday, January 19, 2009


Wish I'd Done That: In today's world, child safety is a grave concern. When your little ones are 4 or so, teach them a "password". This helps when you have someone new pick them up from pre-school, church, or wherever. Unless the new person knows the "password" your child should not go with them. This is handy, and can be presented in such a way your child won't be scared, just cautious. Obviously, if it's Grandma, they don't need the password; you get the idea.

I love to go to garage sales, auctions, antique and junk stores. I've found lots of great things, and I loved doing it with my parents.

One of the things I love most is cobalt enamelware. You can find enamelware in lots of colors: yellow, green, grey, etc., but my favorite is cobalt.

My dad gave me the coffee pot, and I bought the cup and saucer. Later, Mom gave me the other saucer. We had so much fun together digging around for our treasures. Dad found the coffee pot in some junk place, and Mom said he was so excited to find one for me for such a great deal. He loved to bargain and talk to everyone he met during our outings.

I don't remember where I found either of these pieces, but I love the different mottling on them. Great!

The pot on the left that's upside down came from my grandmother. She didn't collect anything, she just had it lying around, and I wanted it! She probably used it for washing dishes, or something. Anyway, it's special since it came from her.

Grandma was a real hoot. I don't think she was even 5 foot tall, but she could cook like something you've never seen. Jana says she turned the heat up and cooked everything on high. She had 10 kids - one every 2 years. She made the very best noodles I've ever tasted! Gosh.......She always had a German chocolate cake on her kitchen table, too.! Wow!

I move my stuff around all the time, but I always keep this group out, because it reminds me of great times with Mom & Dad and my Grandma Headrick.

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