Monday, January 12, 2009

Doing My Duty

Wish I'd Done That: Help your kids learn Scripture by making the whole thing a game. One of my favorites: Blow up lots of balloons (I know!, I can't do it, either!). Put one word of the Scripture on one balloon. Pin them to the wall (or tape them, whatever), and have the kids read the Scripture. Each kid gets a turn, and they pop a balloon. They have a great time, repeat the Scripture lots of times, and when the balloons are popped, Scripture learned! It's easy and fun, and they will learn the verse (so will you!)

I'm off to jury duty today. Don't you feel more confident in our legal system now, knowing I'll be deciding some poor smuck's fate?

This is what I'll recommend for all convicted offenders!

Seriously, it's important to serve. Don't try to get out of service, no matter how inconvenient, or distasteful. If all of us did, who would be left to serve? I don't think we want the criminals to be the only jurors!

I've served several times, and it's interesting, if nothing else.

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