Friday, January 2, 2009

Ace Comes Through!

Wish I'd Done That: When LA was little, I never let the poor little girl get dirty, play in the dirt, or generally get messed up. When AA came along, I was more relaxed and let them both have lots of fun. Take my advice: dirt is good; the kids develop resistance to germs!

You all may remember my sad tale about this cup:

My souvenir from London's National Museum, I'd broken it; knocked it off the kitchen counter. I loved it! I'd tried to replace it and had looked everywhere online, but no luck.

On Christmas morning, I opened this from Ace, my sweet husband:

He'd ordered it from London; it's not Van Gogh's Sunflowers, but he remembered I love the Monet pond paintings we've seen. Wasn't that thoughtful? I love it, and now I have another great memory associated with my cup.

I still can't bring myself to throw away the other cup - I'm crazy, right?

Hope your Christmas was fun and safe.

I pray 2009 will bring you all blessings and God's wisdom and grace.

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